Our housing society offers a range of modern amenities, including 24/7 security, schools, mosques, parks with walking trails, and a children’s play area. Additionally, we plan to add a state-of-the-art fitness center, banks, a rescue and relief center, and a community center. We are also planning shopping centers, medical facilities, and nearby public transportation access. With these enhancements, we will make the quality of life better for our residents and make our community an ideal place to call home.

A9 Block Commercial Area Khyber City

Commercial Zone

Sustainable City Khyber City

Parks & Play Grounds

A Block Commercial Area Khyber City

Carpeted Roads



Bank Khyber City


Community Centre Khyber City

Community Center

Entertainment Zone Khyber City

Entertainment Zone

Pharmacy Khyber City


Mosque Khyber City


Hospital Khyber City


Rescue Office Khyber City

Rescue & Relief Center

Concrete Drains Khyber City

Concrete Drains

Street Lights Khyber City

Street Lights

Underground Cable System Khyber City

Underground Cabling

Avenue Trees Khyber City

Avenue Trees

Security Guard Khyber City

24/7 Security Services

Secure Entry Khyber City

Secure Entry & Exit

Grave Yard Khyber City

Grave Yard

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